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cereal milk strain

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Cereal Milk is a hybrid marijuana strain from Cookies. Cereal Milk is made by crossing Y Life (Cookies x Cherry Pie) and Snowman, a Sativa-dominant Cookies pheno. Cereal Milk has a loud flavor with a sweet milk and ice cream nose that will keep you dipping back into your stash. You can expect dense, quality nugs dripping with trichomes and a potent high.

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Cereal milk strain

Buy cereal milk strain. cereal milk strain Cereal Milk is a balanced SativaIndica hybrid strain from the Cookies Fam. The top aromas on reports are reminiscent of the fruity milk leftover after a bowl of sugary cereal, and the top flavors on reports are creamy berry and fruity citrus. The strain is equal in Sativa-Indica hybrid strain from the Cookies Fam.

This weed is very creative and an Indica dominant strain. We were slapping so loud and we were up the night! Helps with anxiety and makes you talkative for great talks. What most clients say. A hard hitting strain that’ll take out.Very heavy euphoria, with a body buzz that lasts 2-3 hours. Tastes like runts fruit candy.

Cereal Milk Strain  Overview

Cereal Milk was created by crossing The Y Life (GSC crossed with Cherry Pie) and Snowman, a Sativa dominant phenotype from the Cookies Fam. As with many Cookie phenotypes, flowering takes place over the course of 9-10 weeks when grown indoors, with a late October harvest when grown outdoors, and the plant maintains a medium height. The nugs tend to be short and fat with lots of trichomes.

When it comes to drinking the milk out of your cereal bowl, people tend to have pretty polarized opinions. However, when it comes to the strange strain dubbed, nearly everyone offers a major role.

What Is Cereal Milk Strain?

Some might not consider Cereal Milk to be too terribly strong, but if you’re a newer smoker, her high of 23% THC could certainly pack a wallop. A cross of Snowman and Y Life, each nug is hefty in size with a dark olive color that’s noted by shades of mint. Dark hairs are much and her trichome coverage leaves no desire. Cereal Milk is often in favor of its great aroma and flavors, with a creamy and fruity sweetness that includes just a hint of herbs. If you enjoy dessert style strains, this one is your gal. cereal milk strain

Depending on your tolerance, Cereal Milk could be the answer to your weekend prayers or a great way to make it through the workday.

Medical Benefits of The Strain

cereal milk strain offers a balance between Sativa and Indica effects according to reviewers, meaning it soothed both their mind and body while improves creativity or focus. Some have used Cereal Milk to calm the stresses of the day while others enjoyed it to relax and chill out in front of a movie with friends.

Artists, in particular, may love this strain if they’ve been feeling like they need some extra motivation. For users who are well familiar with weed, this bud could provide the focus to move through your to-do list with ease, but don’t forget that you might experience a slightly sedating euphoria that could make this bud better for weekends only.

Use of Cereal milk strain

Cereal Milk strain offers a balance between Sativa and Indica. Effects according to reviewers. Meaning it soothed both their mind and body while it improves creativity or focus. Some have used Cereal Milk to calm the stresses of the day. Also, others enjoyed it to relax and chill out in front of a movie with a friend

Heavy headed. Loose relaxed body. If I were to compare effects to a strain just off the top of my head. I’d say similar to purple punch in effect but more full body sedation. And less heady. Because of that, it feels quite relaxing and great on my anxiety. Calmed worries and made me feel at ease.

As a matter of fact, I’m getting in this strain now as I binge watch on that Netflix.

The strain has great appetite stimulating properties.  As such, you should be careful if you get the munchies hard. cereal milk strain

Where To Buy The Strain.

As the saying goes. Where can I get this strain and have that same experience? Yes, the name does sound good but will the quality be the right one. Answers to all these queries are here. Thus, selection of the plug or website to order such strain. It has always been a problem for most buyers of weed. Everyone wants to go for the best but now how do you know who got the best. Therefore. Cereal milk strain. You can always be sure that at Indicana.store. You will always get the best top grade strains here.

Stay safe, everyone needs Marijuana. I love it so much. weed I mean!



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